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                          山东乾一机械制造有限公司是一家集科研、开发GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台、制造GGpuke娱乐平台、销售于一体的综合性科技机械制造企业GGpuke娱乐平台。本公司自创建以来,本着以科技创新为导向GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台、以质量求生存的宗旨GGpuke娱乐平台,坚持技术创新和科技进步的信念GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台,实施“专、精GGpuke娱乐平台、细”的战略方针GGpuke娱乐平台,在业内树立 了良好的企业形象与口碑GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台。公司致力于为客户提供各种机械自动化解决方案。经过多 年的摸索和实践,积累了丰富的行业经验GGpuke娱乐平台,产品已广泛应用于门窗GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台、幕墙GGpuke娱乐平台、装饰GGpuke娱乐平台、家 居GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台、建筑等行业GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台,产品不仅销往国内32个省市自治区GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台,还出口到东南亚及欧美地区。 几年来,公司根据企业实际情况按照国家以及国际标准逐步建立和完善了质量管理体系GGpuke娱乐平台、安全管理体系GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台。
                          企业方针:“专业专心,精益求精”GGpuke娱乐平台。我们专业于门窗深加工设备的开发与研制GGpuke娱乐平台,具有独立开发设计制造的实力GGpuke娱乐平台。企业本着踏踏实实,兢兢业业的精神GGpuke娱乐平台,逐步发展 壮大GGpuke娱乐平台。
                          我们的宗旨:高质量GGpuke娱乐平台,高效率GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台,高精度GGpuke娱乐平台??恐柿啃庞髁⑵放?GGpuke娱乐平台,让客户享受真正 的经济实惠GGpuke娱乐平台GGpuke娱乐平台,货值其价GGpuke娱乐平台。我们热诚欢迎国内外客户光临指导,选购产品GGpuke娱乐平台。

                          Shandong qianyi machinery manufacturing Co. LTD. is a comprehensive scientific and technical machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales. Since its founding, the company has adhered to the tenet of “scientific and technological innovation, quality-oriented survival, adherence to technological innovation and scientific and technological progress, and implemented a strategic policy of “specialty, refinement, and detail”, which has established a good corporate image in the industry. With word of mouth. The company is committed to providing customers with a variety of mechanical automation solutions. After many years of exploration and practice, it has accumulated a wealth of industry experience, products have been widely used in doors and windows, curtain wall, decoration, home, construction and other industries, the products are not only sold to 32 domestic provinces and autonomous regions, but also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Over the past few years, the company has gradually established and improved its quality management system and safety management system according to the actual conditions of the company in accordance with national and international standards.


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